The end of IAB260 (Wrap up)

When I signed up for IAB260 I really had no idea what it would entail besides what I researched from the QUT overview. I hadn’t really planned on doing the subject but in the end, thought I could use the change for the business/tech oriented subjects I had been doing. I am definitely glad I had done!

From the moment we started we had been told we would no longer be using blackboard which honestly made me a little worried since I had not experienced this in any other subject but what a great idea it turned out to be. In turn we ended up using a custom site with assessment and weekly learning activities and google + community where we all connected and discussed weekly activities and what we had learnt in class. Although being a bit awry about the change it turned out to work and flow very well and I wish more classes had this particular set up. It gave me an opportunity to explore and learn something new especially with having to create my own blog for the weekly learning activities and blog submissions. I had never had a blog before and never really wanted to, however, after creating my own for the class I have been really enjoying it and will probably keep on posting about other classes in the future.

One of the hardest things I found during the course of IAB260 was having to do critical reflections for the weekly activities, I really struggle to write about myself and other topics if I don’t find them interesting and I found a couple of the weeks subjects were not all that exciting for me. I think if I had spent more time researching the subjects I could have got into it a bit more and enjoyed it but I found that I really lacked the motivation at times.

In week 2/3 we had to come up and brainstorm ideas of an Online Identity and post in the community what our identity or our ‘Type’ was and a ‘Quote’ to go with it. Although this was a relatively minor task I really struggled trying to come up with one for myself. In the end I decided this:
Type: Facebook during everything
Quote: S%#T! Im dead! Ill check fb for 4 seconds while i wait for respawn
It may seem a bit silly but that’s really what my Online Identity is, especially through social media. Before this class Facebook was my only social network and I generally checked it only after being killed in a game and alt tabbing for the few seconds the respawn takes.

For this subject we had 2 assignments. Assignment 1 was a Persona, Identity Map and a critical reflection of the task. Assignment 2 was the submission of 3 activity posts and the final wrap up post (which I am trying to finish now). Assignment 1, although proving quite difficult, was really interesting to me as I had never even heard of an Identity Map and hadn’t had anything to do with creating a Persona. With the Identity Map it really made me think about my online presence, what I actually use and how they come together. I did find out after creating the ID Map that if I didn’t have Facebook or play video games I would rarely be online at all…. weird.

My Identity Map for Assignment 1

My Identity Map for Assignment 1

The persona was a little less challenging in the information aspect of things, which really only took me a couple of days to add, but I really took my time when it came to the actual layout of the poster. I am in no means an ‘artistic’ person and had only used a Photoshop like program a couple of times in my life. After viewing all the other students posters in the cube building, I realised I probably should of spent a little more time and effort on it, but I am still happy with the way it turned out nonetheless.

My finished Persona Poster

My finished Persona Poster

One of the more interesting things I learnt about in this subject was how to properly attribute or reference an image. In the past I had always just saved and thrown an image into one of my documents without actually knowing that you had to attribute the image. This is up there with the most useful things I have learnt in this subject, which I started using starting from Week 6. You can see the way I have attributed images in my Week 6 blog here.

As I am coming to the end of this unit I can say that I have really enjoyed it and have taken a lot of new knowledge away from this while also having recommended it to a few fellow QUT students who were unsure of the subjects they had chosen for semester 2, 2015. The subject was really well structured and the content was not too much, not too little. At times it was a little bit stressful but Kate, who did a great job running the subject, was always there for help.



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